Consider soft washing for your home or building

On the Spot Power Washing offers more than just commercial and residential pressure washing services. You can also depend on us for superior soft washing services in Grand Prairie, TX. Our knowledgeable cleaning experts use a P40 soft wash pump, as well as bleach and soap to gently eliminate mold and fungi from delicate surfaces like windows and various types of roofs and siding. This style of cleaning combats dirt and grime at a molecular level to leave a spotless surface behind.

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Give Your Dirty Property a Makeover

Hire our professional pressure washing company in Grand Prairie, TX

Do you want to boast the best-looking property in the neighborhood? Do you want your property to reflect your commitment to hard work and professionalism? On the Spot Power Washing can help make your property shine. We provide residential and commercial pressure washing services in Grand Prairie, TX.

You can count on our pressure washing company for:

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Maintain a Safe and Functional Parking Garage

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