Greetings from On the Spot Power Washing!


We would like to offer our pressure wash services on an “as needed” basis for your company. We understand that your current pressure wash service perhaps does an adequate job. The fit that I see with our company is that we would be utilized as a backup vendor for your pressure washing needs. If your current pressure wash vendor takes a vacation, calls in ill, or if their services deteriorate, On the Spot Power Washing is readily available to step in and fulfill the contract expectations.

Our intention is to ultimately win your business and under no circumstances will my company
undermine your current pressure washing service. Our purpose is to offer you an alternative if one of the above scenarios occurs with your current service. It is our hope that your company and On the Spot Power Washing can gel a relationship together in the near future.

Our reputation and service speak for themselves. Working with several management companies
having clients such as Ross, Best Buy, Burlington, Pet Smart, Five Below, Starbucks, several churches, and a variety of Homeowners Associations throughout the greater Texas area. On the Spot, Power Washing has established itself as one of the superior exterior cleaning and pressure wash companies in Dallas – FT. Worth Area.

On the Spot Power Washing is also a Texas Historically Underutilized Business(HUB), Certified both Minority & Small Business Enterprise and a Hire Dallas First designated firm. Please don’t hesitate to call, text, or email me with any questions that may arise and also see whether or not we can finalize this understanding. I am more than willing to meet with you and/or another representative from your company

Jevon Allen, Owner
On the Spot Power Washing

We Provide

Multi-Storey Cleaning

On The Spot Power Washing has the experience and the knowledge to safely clean building exterior surfaces without causing damage.

We Provide

Restaurant Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Restaurants can be an efficient way to bring this potentially hard-to-maintain area back in line with your high-quality standards.

We Provide

Commercial Storefront Cleaning

Our professional cleaners use a soft washing process that involves several steps to ensure the safe cleaning of your siding.

We Provide

Commercial Concrete Cleaning

Pressure washing concrete clean will add curb appeal to your business and provide a welcome path to your storefront.

We Provide

Mold Removal

If you have found mold in your house during your annual inspection, call On the Spot Power Washing! Our mold experts will safely check the air quality, understand the reasons behind the growth of spores in the environment and quickly remove the mold from your home.

We Provide

Paint Striping

On the Spot Power Washing specializes in all elements of parking lot paint striping services, including paving asphalt for new construction projects, repairing poor drainage issues, and installing speed bumps and signs to improve the flow of existing parking lots.